We all know books are a leftist conspiracy.

Real Australians are far too busy getting on with work to care about some supposedly great Gatsby or the plight of London orphans who keep singing when they should be cleaning chimneys.

In fact, the only book I truly respect is Moby Dick. It’s the only novel brave enough to tell of the persecution one faces for being white and proud.

You may ask why I have released my own book Too Right and why I am appearing at Avid Reader on August 11th to promote it. The answer is clear: I am attempting to restore balance to the dewey decimal system.

My admirers would be shocked I chose to host an event at Avid Reader following their sickening decision to stock Clementine Ford’s book and violently force people passing on the street to buy and read it. Let me be clear, this is an act of protest.

Of course I believe in free speech but I should clarify that I was strictly referring to my own free speech.

As such, I have decided to stand in the centre of Avid Reader and holler at anyone who dares to so much as casually flip through a copy of any other book than mine. To read, purchase or even acknowledge the existence of any other book is a violation of my free speech.

Clementine Ford might want you to ‘Fight Like A Girl’ but I intend to ‘Fight Like A Grown Man’ using my petulant entitlement to loudly drown out all opposition that I find challenging and scary.

I’m imploring all of my good and noble supporters to take an hour of growing the economy of this great nation and wander from Real Australia into the Leftist Cabal of Avid Books and give them money in exchange for my wonderful book. That will show them.

Book a ticket to my event right here.