SF Bookclub


I’m running a SF Bookclub. A Bookclub of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Horror and all the weird and wonderful stuff that are the fictions I love. 

It’s going to be a weird sort of Bookclub in that we’ll have the authors in, and we’ll talk about the books, they’ll read if we get time, because chat is often so much more interesting than a reading, and then we’ll go to questions. 

I want it to be more of an interactive sit down. Hopefully those who come along will have read the books – which is the most normal element of this bookclub – and hopefully they’ll be just as excited to talk about the books, and ask questions that will be better than my own. 

There’ll be wine, and, as the months head into that colder period of the year, we’ll try and bring blankets (the back deck is a bit chilly when it hits June).

I’m hoping that fans of one author will enjoy it enough to come along to the next one. And I’m hoping we can build something a bit interesting. There are so many wonderful Australian SF authors, and a damn fine bunch of Brisbane ones too, that I think we can keep this thing going indefinitely. If it’s something you want. 

Think of it as a science fiction convention spread over the year. Think of it as a chance to meet authors that aren’t just the same old ones we hear about all the time (who I love, but it’s nice to mix it up a bit). 

Maria Lewis and Jodi McAlister were the first two authors – usually we’ll have just one in conversation with me (so I guess that’s two authors) – and we discussed  Maria’s Who’s Afraid books – very fine, globetrotting werewolf fiction – and Jodi’s Valentine book – a clever, intricately plotted novel about Fairies and growing up in small town Australia – and I brought a touch of Vampirism in my own stuff. It was a great night. And Maria and Jodi were wonderful. There were plenty of laughs and smart conversations, and the authors hung around and chatted.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you’d like book yourself in. It’s $7.50 to cover the wine and the set up, and all the bookclub books will be 10% off – just say you’re buying it for the SF bookclub.

May will see Marianne de Pierres talking about her books Peacekeeper and Mythmaker. Then Angela Slatter who will be discussing her Urban Fantasy Vigil, and after that Krissy Kneen talking about An Uncertain Grace.  Which will see us to the dead of Winter. At some stage, I might even add the elements of a salon, and get a bit of reading happening too from some newer writers, but we’ll see.

Winter is definitely coming, SF is coming, I hope it brings a lot of fun.