Sci-Fi & Fantasy Bookclub: Marianne de Pierres


Marianne de Pierres is one of the great SF writers of Australia. It's no secret that we're friends, so you can call me biased, but I feel that comment completely stands up. And not just because she has won awards.

She has published wonderful short fiction, children's books, cyberpunk, Gothic YA, crime novels, and an epic Space Opera series. 

Her Virgin Jackson books are a hybrid cyberpunk western - with a whole bunch of other things going on. 

Marianne is a restless writer; she isn't beholden to any one kind of genre. But she takes her readers with her. If you enjoy one of her books you are very likely going to enjoy another, whether it's set in Perth or a dark pleasure island for teens, or somewhere on the edge of another galaxy.

Marianne might jump genres, but she writes consistently beautiful and entertaining prose, I have never not* enjoyed one of her books, which is something I can say about few authors - most of us have our hits and absolute stinkers. She is also a fabulous storyteller, so you get both ends of the literary stick with Marianne.

Which is all the more reason to come along to our SF Bookclub and hear her talk. We'll be talking about the books Peacemaker and Mythmaker, but I'm sure we'll cover some of her other work as well. 

Marianne is an author that I have admired for nearly twenty years, hopefully, you'll love her writing as much as I do. Just be careful: her work is highly addictive.

*I'll stand by that double-negative