Avid Staff Top 10 Series: Chloe


Welcome to the next installment of our staff top 10 series. 

This week we are featuring the top picks of Chloë Cooper. Chloë is the newbiest member of staff here (and yes this is she speaking to you in third person). She is a self-confessed serial generalist having worked in the music, film & tv, fashion, and ecommerce industries before deciding to stop suppressing the urge to focus on writing. Chloë's favourite genres are fantasy, magical realism, and fiction with bizarre undertones (and a touch of the uncanny). 

HARRY POTTER [Complete Series] by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter's life is miserable. His parents are dead and he's stuck with his heartless relatives, who force him to live in a tiny closet under the stairs. But his fortune changes when he receives a letter that tells him the truth about himself: he's a wizard. A mysterious visitor rescues him from his relatives and takes him to his new home, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. [YA Fantasy]


In these deliciously nasty stories an internationally acclaimed practitioner of the short narrative works his own brand of black magic: tantalizing, amusing, and sometimes terrifying readers into a new sense of what lurks beneath the ordinary. [Short Stories]

JUST KIDS by Patti Smith

In Just Kids, Patti Smith's first book of prose, the legendary artist, musician, and poet offers a never-before-seen glimpse of her remarkable relationship with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the epochal days of New York City and the Chelsea Hotel in the late sixties and seventies. Smith brings the same unique, lyrical quality to this honest and moving story of youth and friendship as she has to the rest of her formidable body of work. [Memoir]

LIRAEL by Garth Nix

Lirael has never felt like a true daughter of the Clayr. Now, two years past the time when she should have received the Sight that is the Clayr's birth right, she feels alone, abandoned, unsure of who she is. Nevertheless, the fate of the Old Kingdom lies in her hands. With only her faithful companion, the Disreputable Dog, Lirael must undertake a desperate mission under the growing shadow of an ancient evil. [YA Fantasy]

REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier

After a whirlwind romance and a honeymoon in Italy, the innocent young heroine and the dashing Maxim de Winter return to his country estate, Manderley. But the unsettling memory of Rebecca, the first Mrs de Winter, still lingers within. The timid bride must overcome her husband’s oppressive silences and the sullen hostility of the sinister housekeeper, Mrs Danvers, to confront the emotional horror of the past. [Classic]

THE EDIBLE WOMAN by Margaret Atwood

Marian is determined to be ordinary. She lays her head gently on the shoulder of her serious fiancée and quietly awaits marriage. But she didn't count on an inner rebellion that would rock her stable routine, and her digestion. Marriage a la mode, Marian discovers, is something she literally can't stomach. The Edible Woman is a funny, engaging novel about emotional cannibalism, men and women, and the desire to be consumed. [Fiction]

THE BELL JAR by Sylvia Plath

Esther Greenwood is brilliant, beautiful, enormously talented, and successful, but slowly going under—maybe for the last time. The Bell Jar is a deep penetration into the darkest and most harrowing corners of the human psyche. [Classic]

UNDER THE SKIN by Michel Faber

In this haunting, entrancing novel, Michel Faber introduces us to Isserley, a female driver who cruises the Scottish Highlands picking up hitchhikers. Scarred and awkward, yet strangely erotic and threatening, she listens to her hitchhikers as they open up to her, revealing clues about who might miss them if they should disappear. [Sci-Fi]


Two women awaken from a drugged sleep to find themselves imprisoned in an abandoned property in the middle of a desert in a story of two friends, sisterly love and courage - a gripping, starkly imaginative exploration of contemporary misogyny and corporate control, and of what it means to hunt and be hunted. [Fiction]


At the dawn of the nineteenth century, two very different magicians emerge to change England's history. In the year 1806, with the Napoleonic Wars raging on land and sea, most people believe magic to be long dead in England. When the reclusive Mr Norrell reveals his powers, he becomes a celebrity overnight. Soon, another practicing magician comes forth: the young, handsome, and daring Jonathan Strange. He becomes Norrell's student and they join forces in the war against France. [Fantasy]